Hayuta Epstein

🇬🇧 🇷🇺My name is Hayuta Epstein. I am a teacher, therapist, communicator, writer, and lecturer. I am a mentor for emotional and success processes.

Over the past 25 years, I have helped hundreds of people cope with crises and guide them towards growth, change, and self-fulfillment.
I have authored 10 books, including the best-selling book Understanding Pain is Your Guide to Healing, which has been translated in Russian too.

I have also developed three sets of empowerment cards:
– My Internal Empowerment Cards – in Hebrew, English, and Russian.
– Choosing Light – to change the reality of life –  Only in Hebrew.
– What Does It Mean to You? – in Hebrew and English.

I entered the spiritual world through an emotional crisis where I began to explore the emotional turmoil I experienced. I couldn't understand how in one moment I could be emotionally strong, and in the next, I felt a deep fall and even collapse. From that moment, my journey of exploration began to understand the fluctuations of emotions I experienced. A journey that I continue to explore to this day, which has become my mission.

Soon enough, I realized that through my personal exploration, I was not only helping myself but also helping thousands of clients understand what energy is. What happens in our body-mind-soul when we experience emotional falls, and most importantly:  how to restore energy to the body, sense emotional balance, and inner strength.

I entered the spiritual realm through Reiki. I learned Neuropathy to understand the "body" topic. I learned Kinesiology and Geshtalt to comprehend the "mind-thoughts" topic. And only when I started my spiritual studies did I feel like I came "home", because there I met my guides and the power of the energy of creation.

There, I understood the topic of the "soul" From the moment of connection, I began to communicate and connect with my mission, which is to convey knowledge through books, cards, and a healing workshop called The Book of Life – Connection to Ease and the New Era. 

I believe that

A path infused with darkness brings us into the dark

A path infused with luminescence brings us into the light